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29 October 2008 @ 08:23 pm
o11. [Jdrama/Fanfiction] Kyoudaibouken  
    * Title: 兄弟冒険
    * Title (romaji): Kyoudaibouken
    * Format: Renzoku
    * Genre: Human drama, Family, School
    * Episodes: 12
    * Viewership ratings: N/A
    * Broadcast network: NHK
    * Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-12 to 2009-Jan-08
    * Air time: Wednesday 22:00
    *Episode 2 written by: marchechizen 

    * Theme songs:

· Opening theme: Bouken Rider by Hey! Say! JUMP

· Ending theme: School Kakumei by Hey! Say! JUMP


Three brothers who practically lived the perfect life set out on an adventure, a quest to prove themselves that they can live even without their father’s wealth. They soon find out that there’s a big difference between the life they lived and their life now.


- Inoo Kei as Fujimoto Harumi

- Okamoto Keito as Fujimoto Natsuki

- Morimoto Ryutaro as Fujimoto Fuyuki

Episode Guest(s):

- Ayukawa Taiyou as Himself

-Episode 2-

-Scene 1-

Fuyuki, Harumi and Natsuki have never been outside the Fujimoto Mansion without bodyguards before. Everything was so new to them; it felt like they were on a new planet. There was no turning back now.

“What are we gonna do now?” Fuyuki asked as he tried to familiarize himself with the new horizon he’s in. “I wanna do something fun.”

“Fun? Like what? Play games on your DS?” Harumi said. He knew, eventually the youngest Fujimoto would miss his gadgets that kept him busy all day and night back in Australia but he didn’t think Fuyuki would cave in that fast. “Well you can’t.”

“And why not?” Fuyuki asked again.

“Because we left it in Australia.” Harumi answered.

“Y-You what?!?” People paused to notice the small commotion Fuyuki was starting. His brothers were used to it. Every time he gets upset he begins screaming random words. Curses to be exact.

The middle child, Natsuki sighed. His brothers were always like that, and yes, he was always the referee. “I’m hungry,” he muttered.

-Scene 2-

“Uwaaaa~ I didn’t know ramen tasted that great!” Harumi hollered.

“Yeah, it was delicious!” Natsuki seconded.

“It was cheap too!” Fuyuki added.

They were all ready to head back to the apartment Harumi found for them. But Harumi felt something tugging his pants. He looked down to see what it was.

“Cu~te!” he exclaimed. It was a brown miniature schnauzer, judging by the looks of it, it was a stray. “We’re gonna keep him,”

-Scene 3-

The apartment was smaller than they expected. Everything was small. Their usual 40 inch flat screen TV was reduced to a normal 12 inch TV. “Oh well, we need to get used to this.” Natsuki said, looking around he noticed that the place was a bit run-down and dirty.

“D-Do we have to do chores and stuff?” Fuyuki asked. He was always clueless when it came to regular-people stuff. His DS and other game consoles were the only things that kept him moving before. “B-But…”

“Save all your complaints for tomorrow,” Harumi said as he laid futons on the floor. They were all too tired from their flight to complain about sleeping on the floor. “Time to sleep. Good night.”

-Scene 4-

“THIS IS SO COOL!” Fuyuki shouted. As a child, he has always been fascinated by trains. Today was his first time being able to ride one. He always enjoyed watching them pass by. When he was 2, his dad bought him a toy train set, with the rails and everything. Since then, his passion as a train otaku started. He began collecting train models and all of them were displayed in his room. Fuyuki was happy he was able to talk his brothers into riding the train to school today.

Natsuki, on the other hand, was feeling a bit awkward; he wasn’t used to people staring at him. Girls were fawning over him; they were even secretly taking pictures of him using their camera phones. He didn’t know how to react. He unknowingly smiled giving the girls a chance to take a good picture of him. After this experience, he swore never to ride the train ever again.

“Hey! Say! JUMP?!” a girl screamed. She seemed like she was referring to Harumi and his brothers. Harumi was stunned by everyone’s reaction while looking at him. “Ne~ you’re Hey! Say! JUMP’s Kei Inoo, right?” the girl asked.

Harumi was still in shock, he had no idea what the girl was talking about. He wasn’t THAT fluent in Nihonggo yet. But he was certain that the girl was mistaking him for someone else. “Uh, I’m sorry, I’m not Kei Inoo,” He hoped the girl understood English, since he didn’t know how to say it in Nihonggo.

The girl suddenly turned red realizing her mistake. She turned around and returned to her seat.

Harumi turned his attention to Fuyuki, who was still enjoying his first train ride. “Next time, no more trains.” Harumi insisted. Fuyuki crossed his arms and sulked for the rest of the trip.

-Scene 5-

As they arrived they felt like they were on a new planet, a small overpopulated one at that. Everyone seemed so busy. They were running around with books and very large bags. Fuyuki began to wonder why everywhere they went, people keep on staring at them.

“They look like those boys from Johnny’s,” Harumi overheard one of the girls talking. He wanted to know what they were talking about and whether looking like someone from Johnny’s is a good thing or a bad thing.

With all eyes glued on the three of them, Fuyuki started to feel uncomfortable and fasten his pace. Natsuki feeling the same way, followed his younger brother and quickly entered the building followed by Harumi who was still wondering about who these Johnny’s boys were.

As they rush in the school lobby, they were welcomed by a young man around Harumi’s age with a smile.

“Ah, you guys must be the transferees the Principal has been expecting?” He exclaimed in a very warm tone

Natsuki looked at Harumi and Fuyuki then to the boy standing in front of them before nodding.

“The name’s Ayukawa Taiyou, Student Council President. I will be in charge of you guys today. Yoroshiku~” Taiyou said stretching his hands out with a grin.

Without any idea what the last word meant. Harumi shook hands with Taiyou and smiled at him.

“Good to meet you Mr. Ayukawa” Natsuki smiled at him. Natsuki lightly nudged Fuyuki on the shoulder and motioned him to say something to Taiyou. “Nice to meet you” He mumbled softly.

Taiyou nodded in response to Natsuki and Fuyuki’s greeting and smiled at Fuyuki who seemed too uninterested with the conversation. “Well, first things first. Before I show you to your respective class, I suppose you guys should change into your wabaki shoes.”

“Wabaki?” The three of them blinked several times.

“Yes, it’s a Japanese tradition in the school that every student should change in their wabaki while they’re in the school premises. They’re rubber-soled shoes.” Taiyou explained as he pointed at his feet.

“ohh~” the three boys nodded as they stared at the pearly white shoes. Obviously, there aren’t any of these kind of shoes in Australia.

“Shall we go to your lockers then?” Taiyou announced.

The three boys reluctantly nodded and followed the school student president around the school and to their respective classes. Starting today, they would be in for something they haven’t experienced before.

-End of Episode 2-
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ksaiko_no_ladyksaiko_no_lady on October 29th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
This is interesting! I keep on forgetting which name is for which cast. How stupid of myself. *bonks myself on the head*

Can't wait for the next episode~!
taupe_chantaupe_chan on October 29th, 2008 08:16 pm (UTC)
I like it! And yay for Taiyou as student council president :D
メイ: taiyou1maemeii on October 30th, 2008 11:19 am (UTC)
i want to read the next episode. >.<

that's the student council president for you. :3
i hope to see more of him on other episodes, too.
Janine: maiha_01my_angel_chinen on October 30th, 2008 01:02 pm (UTC)
amazing!!! XD kakkoii!! :Dwant to read the next one. go kachan! :D gambatte everyone :)