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15 November 2008 @ 02:33 pm
o14. New Layout Theme: November - December  

Season's Greetings from strawberrymilkt 

The new theme features Suzuki Airi of Hello! Project's ℃-ute and Buono!.
The theme will last from November to December for the following reasons:
  • I'll be out of the country on the first week of December.
  • I'll be having my Midterms at Japanese class.
  • I'll be busy going around places with my family.
  • I'm celebrating my birthday and then Christmas a week after. :D
  • I'm working on something for my other comm and will be really busy.

So there goes. I won't be able to make a new layout theme for the month of December so I decided to use my planned theme now.
Thank you all for supporting this comm. :D
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